This is the official page for United UHC Season 1.

Season 1 was the first season in a line of succesful seasons for the group, a list of perspectives can be found within the post. Huahwi's perspective was the most well-received perspective, each of his episodes hitting over the 100,000 view mark.

Participants: Edit

  • xNestorio
  • Kiingtong
  • Graser10
  • Huahwi
  • Mydoeza
  • TapL
  • SuchSpeed
  • AciDicBliTzz
  • Grapeapplesauce
  • defib
  • Tylarzz
  • BiboyQG
  • PrivateFearless
  • Zyper
  • dedreviil
  • TheBestGinger13

Participants that couldn't make this season: Edit

  • SolrFlare

Table of Participants:

Name of Participant Episodes Survived Kills Killed by No.
xNestorio 6 Episodes 3 Huahwi 2
Kiingtong 4 Episodes 0 PrivateFearless 12
Graser10 3 Episodes 0 Grapeapplesauce 17
Huahwi 6 Episodes 5 - 1
Mydoeza 4 Episodes 1 TheBestGinger13 11

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